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Some things about me and my professional life

I am a highly versatile and open-minded professional with fields of interests ranging from technology to design, arts, and literature. Through a broad variety of work experiences, I have developed a solid understanding of concept design, strategy, finance, and management as well as practical skills in graphic design and web development.

I began my professional career by studying philosophy & economics at Goethe-University in Frankfurt, Germany. Beginning with my undergraduate studies, I also started to work on freelance consulting projects. After pausing my studies for half a year to do an internship for Mercedes-Benz Financial Services China in Beijing, I continued my journey into the realm of finance through further internships in product management and investment banking. By the end of this time, I decided against a career in the banking industry and instead started to devote my attention to innovation projects.

Following my passion for design and technology, I decided to move to Helsinki for my graduate studies, where I enrolled in International Design Business Management (IDBM) at Aalto University, a trans-disciplinary program with a third of the students coming from business, arts & design, and science & engineering, respectively. There, I extensively ventured into the whole process of human-centered design, ranging from design research to ideation, prototyping, and testing. All these capabilities came into play for a capstone project on digitizing the maternal healthcare process in Kenya. I then concluded my studies with another graduate program in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MIE) at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, where I had the chance to work with multiple startups as well as with the City Hall of Barcelona. With the latter I worked on digitizing the onboarding process of newly arriving migrants to the city.

I have, throughout the years, worked on a plethora of different problems with various types of organizations, ranging from market analyses for consultancies and investment management firms to digital service development for NGOs and public organizations, from marketing in the healthcare industry to augmented reality in the gaming industry. I have used these opportunities extensively to glimpse into different role profiles and their skillsets, complementing my analytic and strategic mindset honed through business and philosophy with technical skills in graphic design, and web development. Consequently, I am fit to work in versatile configurations, filling whatever functions are required in the specific situation, or develop mature concepts individually, as a one-man prototyping army. I worked with C-Level executives in virtually all the projects I did, allowing me to scope and steer projects with a sense for the larger goals of the partnering organization. During all this time, I held on to my philosophical roots, making me an inquisitive and thoughtful person in all endeavors I approach.

I developed a concept for a digital onboarding service for newly arriving migrants for the City Hall of Barcelona.

I developed a financial model and investment plan for codesandbox.

I developed a content marketing strategy for Semalytix.

I developed a concept for a special food service for elderly users for Glovo.

I developed a concept for a digital patient referral platform for Aalto Global Impact and Makerspace Nairobi.

I developed a concept for a social app at Junction Hackathon.

I did an internship in strategy consulting at Accenture Strategy.

I developed a restaurant concept around healthy Vietnamese fast food with District Banh Mi.

I developed an investment memorandum for the sale of a technology firm with a private equity firm.

I conducted an augmented reality market and technology analysis for a mobile gaming company.

I developed a concept for a digital platform promoting German football in the Chinese market for a private investor.

I conducted a market analysis for Orbis Investment Management.

I did an investment banking internship at Kuna & Co. (now Evercore).

I did an internship in product management at Deutsche Bank's asset management division.

I did an internship in Mercedes-Benz Financial Services China's IT Management department.

I conducted an investment portfolio analysis for an international children's rights NGO.

I conducted a market analysis for a management consulting firm.

I conducted an industry analysis for Debitos.

I developed a business plan for a renewable energy NGO.

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